Mikkeli Application Form

Deadline for the applications is November 28, 2016. Please send your application to sasha (at)

In your apllication email, please include the following:

  • Full name and address
  • Email and phone number
  • Previous conducting exprerience
  • Instruments you play
  • Are you able to bring your instrument with you and join the workshop orchestra?
  • Are you able to play scores on the piano during the technique sessions?
  • Are you willing to perform as a soloist during the workshop either in rehearsals or the final concert?
  • Link to a recent video of you conducting

Sending the application you agree to all terms and conditions.
Terms and conditions:

  • All of the above information is true and accurate to my best knowledge
  • I agree to the terms of the tuition payment, and I understand that no fees will be refunded unless there will be another acceptable candidate to replace me on the workshop
  • I understand that I am responsible of my own travel arrangements and accommodation
  • I agree with the teaching methods and artistic decisions of the workshop faculty
  • I understand that there might be changes in the final workshop repertoire and schedule